Learning to Attend, Attending to Learn: Neurological, Behavioral, and Computational Perspectives

San Diego, CA - Nov 6-7, 2013

The Learning to Attend, Attending to Learn workshop brings together new research at the interface of attention and learning to provide critical insights and opportunities for interaction and collaboration. It will be held over two full days (November 6-7, 2013) in San Diego, CA (prior to the SfN Annual Meeting). This workshop follows two prior regional meetings.

The main aim of this gathering is to encourage cross-talk among researchers from different fields asking the same questions. It is important and timely given recent changes in the theoretical landscape, resulting in researchers becoming more receptive to the relation between attention and learning (e.g., studies on how attention constrains learning and vice versa). There is also an increasingly broad range of sophisticated and complementary methods for addressing those relations.


Rachel Wu, Gedeon Deak, Richard Aslin, Rebecca Nako

Funders and sponsors:

National Science Foundation, Cognitive Science Society, Brain Vision LLC, University of Rochester (Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Center for Visual Science), UC San Diego (Social Sciences)